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The 29th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition in 2023–HECHENG TECH

Guangdong is not only the main base for the production of hotel equipment and supplies in China, but also a major port for the import of foreign hotel supplies. The annual “Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition” brings together hotel supplies manufacturers and traders from over 100 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. It attracts hotels and distributors from neighboring countries and regions, as well as procurement personnel from hotels, hotels, and catering establishments from all over the country to come and negotiate orders. With the strong support and assistance of people from all walks of life and numerous manufacturers, the Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition has been increasing in scale year by year, and the participating enterprises have achieved significant benefits. Participating in the Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition at the end of the year has become an important part of the annual plan of industry enterprises.
Our company participates in the Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition and exchanges with peers, attracting customers from all over the world to visit and order!



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